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A recent HIT at the Vermont International Film Festival, Slingbacks and Syrup drew a larger audience than any other film in the festival! This endearing new movie about The House of LeMay and our ability to change the world around us is now available on DVD. Don't miss it. Order your copy today!
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We are excited to announce that The House of LeMay will soon be seen on the hit LOGO TV show, Bump! Keeps your eyes on LOGO and be sure to catch the LeMays in all their glory!


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New England Film has published an article all about the making of Slingbacks and Syrup! Click on the logo above to read it online.
Deep in the very rural northeast "Queendom" of Darnit County, Vermont lies the fictional town of Beaver Pond, the home of The House of LeMay, an extended family of drag queens. Slingbacks and Syrup recounts in documentary form the story of a young man who moves to Burlington, Vermont to study neurobiology and instead discovers the fabulous world of the House of LeMay and their unlikely and passionate following.
Through laughter and leadership the young man learns how the LeMays have stood tall in their heels and changed the world around them, and eventually the young man discovers that his world has been dramatically changed by this unusual group's example.
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