The House of LeMay has been working together in Vermont for over 10 years to bring live theater to the community. Founded by actor/writer Bob Bolyard and actor/costume designer Michael Hayes, The House of LeMay grew from its origins at a private birthday party to become a well known performance group throughout the state. The House of LeMay has led the members of the Vermont community to raise many thousands of dollars for VT CARES, the Vermont People with AIDS Coalition, Pride VT, a local school's theater department, and many other important causes. They have also increased awareness of gay and lesbian issues in Vermont, taught their audiences about social and political matters using the power of comedy, and developed from a fringe performance group to a well known and respected team of comic actors in Vermont.
For a number of years, award-winning filmmaker Russell Dreher has been working with The House of LeMay to create video segments for their stage shows. During that time he began to collect footage of the LeMays. Over the course of two years, Russell conducted extensive interviews with both the members of The House of LeMay and the fans of their work and edited this material into a movie that explores the creation of The House of LeMay and its many contributions to the Vermont community.