Russell Dreher is a member of the award-winning filmmaking team, NY Street Films. Working with NY Street Films, Russell co-wrote, co-edited, and acted in three award winning short films, Il Cane (Winner Best Picture at Cinemasports NYC), Local Call (Winner Best Picture at the NYC Midnight Run) and XXXXVIII (Winner of the Audience Award at the 48 Hour Film Project, NYC). In 2006, Russell won the Vermont International Film Festival's competition to create a 30 second Public Service Announcement for the festival.

Russell has been working with The House of LeMay for a number of years to create video shorts for their stage shows. During the day, Russell supports himself by working as the Manager of Multimedia Development for the marketing department of a legal information services company. (In other words, he creates websites and videos for them.) Russell did his undergraduate studies at Franklin and Marshall College and his graduate work at the University of Vermont.

Members of The House of LeMay

Bob Bolyard is the co-mother-founder of The House of LeMay. As Amber LeMay, Bob has been running the house for over ten years in his spare time. Bob writes the jokes and songs for the house, and generally acts as house mother. Bob has been performing onstage for most of his life, and puts all of that experience to good use with The House of LeMay. He currently is the coordinator of the South End Art Hop in Burlington, VT, a karaoke DJ, and a standardized patient with the University of Vermont College of Medicine.

Mike Hayes, Marguarite LeMay, is the co-mother-founder of The House of LeMay. He works at a fabric store during the day, a job that plays nicely into his role creating costumes for the citizens of Beaver Pond. Mike has many years of experience in the theatre, both on and off stage. His outrageous costumes supply The House of LeMay with a good portion of their color.

Johnnie McLaughlin plays Lucy Belle LeMay, the southern cousin of the Sisters LeMay. Lucy Belle is a foreign exchange student from Mississippi, and her southern charm goes a long way towards getting her what she wants. By day, Johnnie is a nurse for the Visiting Nurses Association, a job that helps to pay for Lucy's wigs and dresses.

Matt Viens plays Bibs Fisk, the outspoken mayor of Beaver Pond. Bibs uses her position as mayor to speak out about political issues and sometimes to talk about more domestic issues such as decorating your trailer properly. Matt is a lawyer and works for the state of Vermont when he is not busy decorating his own home.

Michael Glidden, is the ever outrageous Liza Little. Liza is the manager of the Edna St. Vincent LeMay Memorial Community Center and Laundromat in Beaver Pond, and her hysterical contributions to the House of Lemay have made her an integral part of the troupe.